Camp Eagle’s Rest

About Camp Eagle’s Rest

Camp Eagles Rest, in SW Washington State, is a 30+ acre rustic, forested retreat where veterans from all eras can rest in a relaxing setting while joining discussions with other veterans who have walked in their boots.  Complete with cabins, mess hall, kitchen and other amenities that are needed to help our veterans heal.


Camp Eagles Rest will aim to assist Veterans with learning how to make connections with others outside of a military experience as well as work with them in building emotional strength and resilience. Our goals include helping Veterans build a supportive community with other Veterans, facilitating discussions on readjustment and transition challenges as well as re-energizing and reinvigorating our Veterans' spirits with adventures and challenges in the beautiful outdoors.

Research indicates that outdoor adventures such as Camp Eagles Rest can improve a Veterans psychological well-being, social functioning and outlook on life after participating in an outdoor adventure experience. Many Veterans may find nature recreation programs more appealing than conventional clinical treatments. Engaging in activities outdoors that involve physical challenge, camaraderie and achievement of an object may resonate with the types of experiences that make military service meaningful and rewarding. Outdoor experiences such as this may encourage Veterans to seek out more opportunities that can enhance psychosocial well being once they leave the experience.

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